He is Isaiah. Who are you?

((Independent Megamind RP blog, former Doom Syndicate member. Willing to RP with anyone, but I can't promise this guy'll be pleasant. Actually I can pretty much promise he's going to be rude/standoff-ish, as that seems to be his default reaction to new people.

Current situation: Adjusting to the idea of a new member of the family.

Current Magic Anon: None.

Please note that this blog is NSFW, with themes of abuse (past-related) and MI present.

Wiki page for this character is here.))

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Andre van Noord for Ramsey
Photo by Umit Savaci

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Narrator, Narrator + Rock On!

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Morning sex with soft touches under the sheets and slow, hot kisses peppering jaw lines and lazy thrusts covered by whispered “I love you“‘s and small gasps

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Lost Cat - Open rp



Scoffing in response to the ‘oh’, he keeps his opinion otherwise to himself, about to answer when the cat appears.

Bernard’s reaction, however, has something close to a smile on his face as well, not quite a friendly expression on his part however. Closer to a smirk.

Bernard turns his head toward Isaiah, noticing the smirk and narrows his eyes at him.

"Well… thank you, goodbye." he replied dryly to the man.

He was happy he had his cat back, the man did his purpose he could go.

That narrow-eyed look doesn’t overly bother the man, shrugging it off for now just before nodding.

With a goodbye of his own, he’s keeping part of his attention on the other man even after having turned to head back; it was one habit that hadn’t quite died yet.

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Let Me Know How I'm Doing! Send some! (Anons welcome!)
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Lost Cat - Open rp


"Oh." came the aloof reply.

Bernard swooped the area with the torch light and clicked his tongue before going into “here, kitty, kitty.” again hoping the trice damnable animal would show itself. After two minutes of that he sighed resigned.

"Looks like it’ not-"


The angry and clearly complaining meowl sounded to their right and the biggest ginger tomcat showed himself with his tail high up in the air, his protests directed at Bernard.

"Cat!" there was an almost smile at the man’s face. "Stop your whining you dumb animal! It’s not my fault you ran away." he picked it up and the sound of purring like a motorbike engine resonated through the alley.

Scoffing in response to the ‘oh’, he keeps his opinion otherwise to himself, about to answer when the cat appears.

Bernard’s reaction, however, has something close to a smile on his face as well, not quite a friendly expression on his part however. Closer to a smirk.

Wake up! [Michelle]



Coming back to himself only to find someone he didn’t know that close was a shock, to say the least. Gold-brown eyes narrow, pushing the woman away immediately before getting up to stand.

The potential for the surrounding area to have been damaged, at least, had been averted for the most part, something easily taken care of later once he was sure it was safe.

"Good." And it really was. The logo on the back of the card was nothing but a thin tracer,  whichshe used to locate people she was interested in. Jewellry shop owners, to give one example.

"I hope you will find another good soul to help you up, would you stumble again" Michelle said, going to go after her own business again. 

He doesn’t bother giving that an answer, having no plans to repeat the experience and waiting until she’s out of sight before turning away himself.

There had been something suspicious in that card, enough to prompt him to pull it out again, study it. And do his best to make sure it was safe to keep.

Frozen sentence pack
"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"
“Go play with yourself.”
“What have you done? This is getting out of hand!”
“I’m gonna keep you!”
“I never see you anymore.”
“No, don’t touch me! I don’t want to hurt you!”
“Do you have to go?”
“Sorry to wake you.”
“Be the good girl(/boy) you always have to be.”
“I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?”
“I’m awkward. You’re gorgeous.”
“Lucky you, it’s just me.”
“If you swoon, let me know. I’ll catch you!”
“May I talk to you, please, alone?”
“Please just stay away from me! Stay away!”
“It was an accident!”
“No. I need you here.”
“I don’t want you getting hurt.”
“I don’t care what they’re going to say!”
*makes a castle out of ice using magic while singing dramatically about the harm of imposed societal constructs*
“Only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you.”
“You got me. Let’s call it a night.”
“Seriously, were you raised in a barn?”
“Didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers?”
“You almost set me on fire!”
“Sometimes I really don’t like you.”
“I never knew winter could be so beautiful.”
“You’re creepy.”
“And you are…?”
“Stop it! Tryin’ to focus here!”
“Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle.”
“Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.”
“You’re distracting me.”
“I might cry.”
“Knock. Just knock.”
“You look different. It’s a good different!”
“Please, you’ll only make it worse.”
“I think we should go.”
“Woah, woah, woah, feisty-pants, just calm down!”
“Hey! We were just talkin’ about you. All good things, all good things.”
“I can’t feel my legs! I can’t feel my legs!”
“How’s your head.”
“You hesitated.”
“I like to consider myself a love expert.”
“Because I love you, I insist you run.”
“Take off your clothes.”
“What’s going on?”
[...and then the class voted to stop watching so I didn’t get any more.]
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