He is Isaiah. Who are you?

((Independent Megamind RP blog, former Doom Syndicate member. Willing to RP with anyone, but I can't promise this guy'll be pleasant. Actually I can pretty much promise he's going to be rude/standoff-ish, as that seems to be his default reaction to new people.

Current situation: Adjusting to the idea of a new member of the family.

Current Magic Anon: None.

Please note that this blog is NSFW, with themes of abuse (past-related) and MI present.

Wiki page for this character is here.))

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Lost Cat - Open rp




"If he did it would be polite to at least point to the direction he saw the cat." Bernard replied in mockery. "That cat is mine and I’ve been looking for it for hours. Where have you seen him?"


"Not too far from here." If it hadn’t wandered away again, at least, still speaking just long enough to give the man some direction.

"So helpful, which direction? Can you show me or at least be more specific?" Seriously if this man was going to help - DETAILS. That wasn’t THAT hard was it?


Giving the other man a look of some annoyance, on his face the expression seems muted. “He can show you.”

Other than that there wasn’t anything else in answer, looking away before taking another drag and flicking away some of the loose ash as he begins  to head toward the street, expecting Bernard to follow.


They are my precious treasures

write a quote they would find themselves saying

((UH haha okay I’ll try

probably not exactly like this but “I notice you, I want to say. Even when no one else does, I do. I will.” I think? This is a bit harder than you’d think it would be all things considered.))


For character development of course.

I miss my OCs right now.

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André van Noord by Emre Guven for L’Officiel Hommes Turkey 2013

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New Experiences



He has to look away to keep himself from laughing, shaking his head despite that and looking back several seconds later. “Your choices work best, then.”

"You give up way too easy." Ava shoved him in the stomach with a foot, a little annoyed the teasing was cut off so soon. "Seriously, suggestions?"

"Does he?" Pulling away from that little shove, he just gives her a look, watching Ava closely after that. "Perhaps Abigail?"

Headcanon Meme Time!

⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

⏀ describe their usual smile

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

✑ describe something they like without naming it

✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation?

❖ describe their hands

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

❤ describe how they show affection.

✭ what is one of their favorite items?

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New Experiences



"If he did?" He’s trying to look innocent in response to that smug look on Ava’s face. It’s not working very well.

"Then I would consider them and dismiss them entirely." She drawled.

He has to look away to keep himself from laughing, shaking his head despite that and looking back several seconds later. “Your choices work best, then.”


Andre Van Noord

((Whoopsie how did this get here~))



If they had a kid meme
  • Name: Eztli (“blood”)
  • Gender: Male
  • General appearance: Slightly shorter than his father, blue eyes, skin colour a tone lighter than Amoxtli’s. Black hair with feathers in them, couple snake scales around the hair line and tracing his cheek bones, black eyes. 
  • Personality: Calm, a bit withdrawn, can be cruel.
  • Special talents: Crystallizing blood.
  • Who they like better: Amoxtli
  • Who they take after more: Isaiah
  • Personal headcanon: His actual name is Ira, but he changed it; like his father he took his path of a villain, mostly robbery but is well feared because of his ability. He has great respect for his mother’s culture and actually worships couple of the Mayan gods. The only respect he has is authority of his parents, although neither could turn his path from being a villain. Amoxtli actually is very hurt by this since she was supposed to protect humans. 
  • crystal-mimerator
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