He is Isaiah. Who are you?

((Independent Megamind RP blog, former Doom Syndicate member. Willing to RP with anyone, but I can't promise this guy'll be pleasant. Actually I can pretty much promise he's going to be rude/standoff-ish, as that seems to be his default reaction to new people.

Current situation: Getting his life put back together and in the process of legally adopting his son.

Current Magic Anon: None.

Please note that this blog is NSFW, with themes of abuse (past-related) and MI present.

Wiki page for this character is here.))

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THE FUMES IN RAIN: a mix for a dreary city, lit up in neon. the taste of smoke. how the gray outside colors her face. and the savage beasts in each corner, making you look away first.


AU - Earth and Snow



"Alright." If it worked for her, that counted right? The remainder of the dishes are finished in quiet, Isaiah backing away for some personal space once they’re finished with that.

She fidgeted in the silence as they finished the dishes. As she dried and set aside the last one, shifting in a slight swaying step away from the counter, she glanced at him. “So…what now?” Looking to him for instruction, completely lost. This place was still all new to her.

He’s looking away briefly, nervous, before finally looking up. Not quite meeting Sadie’s eyes yet, he answers, voice quiet. “Could you not tell? About earlier?” Nobody here except the two of them knew; he planned to keep it that way.


Hearing movement from the doorway, he tenses briefly, looking up and only relaxing on realizing that it’s Ava. “Yes?”

There’s still some hesitance, wanting to be sure of what she’s thinking.

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Meet The Folks




This time Eros reminded silence, waiting for Aggie to answer first because the last time it seems his wasn’t a good one. He was not really into share his situation but nobody except Aggie. He was not sure neither how attached she was with her family. It was a problem. He never liked the idea of be more around other humans. Was when The bird spoke when his atenttion vanished from the situation to focus in the other direction. He was totally sure that it wasn’t a real crow. the smell was evident. Anyway, the only thing there to avoid his real behavor was Aggie. He mostly would prefer made the creature shut up. and sprear all the feathers around the room…

"That’s fine!" Aggie nodded to Ava.

"Yes, Eros’s brother helped sort us out, so we’ve got a nice apartment between the two- well… soon to be three of us!" She smiled at the older man.

Lewis was soon beside his sister with a glass of decaffeinated ice tea. “Aww, thank youuuu~” She made a grab to hug and or kiss him, but the younger boy swooped out of the way. Lewis hated having sister kisses… Gross.

"How are you paying rent? Are you working?" Ava turned to look at Eros, pinning him under a firmly Mom gaze. 

Huginn meanwhile stared at him with a different look altogether. He chuckled and picked up his teacup, tipping it at him. Evidently he had noticed Eros’ attention and was unthreatened by it.

So they did have somewhere to stay. Good. Though that didn’t stop him from worrying entirely, though it’s not anything he’d say out loud. “And you’ll be safe?”

He’s not returning the smile just yet, wanting to be sure.


ultra mega grouchy characters that are only soft around their significant others (●´ω`●)




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Sometimes you just feel the need to see your favorite character breathing heavily and covered in blood 

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//I don’t know why but the mental image of Isaiah just laying there with no fucks to give with a doily on his head while Lewis rambles is making me piss myself here…

((omg why))

Your muse just walked in on mine holding a newborn baby. How does yours react?



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Kay: it's really twisted
Vamp: It errored, so I'll have to try again in a bit
Kay: I mean, Satan in really bad wool sweaters
Vamp: XD
Vamp: Nice
Kay: why does that sound like a description mets would use
Vamp: Pfffft
Vamp: Because he doesn't give a shit about who/what someone is generally?
Kay: I think you know who about, though. =p
Vamp: Mime
Kay: Yep